Runaway truck causes chaos, destroys poperty -- toddler inside walks away unharmed

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Sandy already brought us the news of one toddler who was so determined to take a ride with daddy, that she snuck on to the camper of his truck, and held on for 45 minutes while he sped down the highway.

And here's the off-road version. A 2-year-old was sitting in his parents' parked truck when it rolled down the driveway, across a road (taking out a natural gas line in the process), over an embankment, through someone's yard, over an outdoor pool, down a larger embankment, through another yard (where it destroyed someone's porch), and down a third embankment, where it was finally stopped by a chain link fence.

Shockingly, the boy was fine.

Whatever company made that kid's car seat just found the most compelling advertisement ever imaginable.

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