The baby doll -- how to look pregnant

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Want to look pregnant without all that bothersome morning sickness, weight gain, and child rearing nonsense? Try a "baby doll" dress. This is basically a fitted top part around the breasts with a hanging, tent-like skirt part beginning just below the bust. The name was popularized, according to Wikipedia, by the 1956 movie of the same name, starring Carroll Baker as an empty-headed, virgin bride who sleeps in a crib and sucks her thumb.

When this style is applied to lingerie, it simply makes a woman look dumb and trashy -- rather Paris-Hilton-esque. For dresses, on the other hand, the loose-fitting style just ends up making a woman look pregnant. That's fine and dandy, if you actually are pregnant, but if not, it's rather unattractive.

Lauren, over at Styledash, reports that not only do they look terrible, but guys don't care for them. Not that a woman needs to dress with men in mind, but if that's even part of her intention, the baby doll doesn't cut it. I agree wholeheartedly. If you're pregnant, fine. If you aren't interested in dressing to catch men's eyes, fine. If, however, you aren't pregnant, don't want to look it, and do want guys to notice you, leave the baby doll in the closet.

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