Toddler left alone while parents play at Disney World

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Taking a three year old to Disney World usually means skipping the really fun attractions. Instead of screaming through the Tower of Terror, you will probably be spending more time at the Country Bear Jamboree. Or Cinderella's Carousel. Or, you could do what Juan Carlos and Danette Rodriguez did and conveniently 'forget' your child in her stroller while you go off to ride Pirates of The Caribbean.

According to Orange County Sheriff's Office, that is exactly what happened at Walt Disney World this past Saturday. A little three year old girl was found sitting in her stroller, alone, in the hot sun in the Magic Kingdom. She was discovered by park officials who say she was covered in sweat and appeared to be "lifeless." She didn't respond when paramedics tried to rouse her, but fortunately came around when they took her indoors and gave her water.

In a report, the Sheriff's office said: "[A paramedic] advised that if medical intervention had not been administered the female child was nearing signs of heat exhaustion with unknown results up to and including death."

Almost an hour after the girl was found, her parents came looking for her. They claim that the girl was asleep in her stroller when their group of two adults and four children approached the line for Pirates and somehow she got lost in the shuffle as they entered the attraction. They didn't notice the little girl wasn't with them until after they left the ride.

Carlos and Rodriquez were arrested and charged with child abuse. They have been released on bail, but their children are staying with relatives while the Department of Children and Families investigates the matter.

How do you forget a three year old?

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