Why I love the dollar store

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It's another lazy summer day and Ellie and her friends are bored again. Trying to keep a group of six-year-olds busy day after day is a challenge, but I have discovered an ally in my local dollar store.

With a little imagination and even less cash, you can find tons of activities for kids in the aisles of the dollar store. Of course, the craft section is a good place to start. For a total of $4, we bought a large bag of colored glass, some paints and two wooden boxes. Ellie and her friend spent hours decorating their boxes and the end results were actually quite nice.

Straying from the crafts aisle turns up lots more interesting activities. Tiny ceramic figurines become villagers in an incredibly tacky make-believe land. A set of plain white dessert plates, packaged 2 for $1, can be decorated and hung on the wall as unique works of art. The plate hangers are two aisles over, also 2 for a $1.

Paper products are much cheaper here than across the street at the crafts store. Poster board, construction paper, even scrap booking supplies can be purchased for a fraction of what you would pay in another store. I would avoid the Barbie doll knockoffs, though. They aren't made well enough to withstand much play and I will never forget the trauma of 'Broken Betty', who lost her head before we made it home.

Besides the cheap thrills to be found in the dollar store, we can burn a good hour or two just looking around. Where do you go for inexpensive summer activities?

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