13-year journey of 23 kids from Harlem

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I've looked at the children in my daughter's class before and wondered where they'd be in the future. And, honestly, it is easy to look at them-- young children from (mostly) wealthy suburban families and figure they have the odds in their favor.

Have you ever looked at a class of young children, or even remembered your grade school years, and wondered where everyone went? How they turned out?

Now you can take a then and now look at a class from Harlem. They started Kindergarten in 1994 (I was in HIGH SCHOOL!) and just finished high school this year. The stories are as different as the kids. One became involved in a gang until his worried mother withdrew him from school. One landed in jail for a crime he didn't commit and now is going to college to become a lawyer. One of the girls had both parents murdered by the time she turned 10 while another student is majoring in physics at Carnegie Mellon University.

There's aspiring rappers and actresses and a young father. There's also families who sacrificed much to see a child succeed and teachers who helped pave the way.

What an inspiring story to read.

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