Egypt outlaws all female circumcision

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I am not well versed in the subject of female circumcision, probably because it rates near the bottom of the rankings of "things I wish to read about." I thought, naively, that the act had been abolished years ago around the world and was mostly done under shady and illegal circumstance.

Then I read this article which states that Egypt (Egypt: the political and cultural centre of the Middle East) and learned that female circumcision only became illegal yesterday.

I say kudos to Health Minister Hatem al-Gabali for banning every doctor in the country from performing a clidorectomy -- with promises of punishment to any practitioner who performs the procedure from now on. According to the article, 97% of Egypt's women had been circumcised as of 2000. Scary.

Here's too a brighter, less painful future for Egypt's new baby girls.

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