From lactivists to fashionistas? La Leche League nursing bras

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I remember nursing Nate for what seemed like an eternity -- though I'm well aware 14 months is far from an eternity. I recall being totally excited when he was eating enough solids, because I had stopped leaking. I (mistakenly) took this as a sign to bust out my sexy non-nursing bras.

After I was done nursing, my breast shrunk back to teeny A cups and those once-seductive bras were deformed and milk-stained. But I couldn't help it -- I hated the look of the nursing bras I had. While the comfort of Canadian Bravado bras were cute and supremely comfortable, they lacked the light padding I need to keep the world from staring at my monstrous nips.

Susan Wagner, a ParentDish columnist and a fashionista in her own right, has a spidey sense about these things and sent me a link to this post at One Chic Mama. It seems that breastfeeding champions, La Leche League, are now offering nursing bras. So of course I had to go over to the LLLi site right away. Some are cute, (like the one pictured) some have the potential to be very sexy!

"Seamless microfiber padded plunge nursing bra has a low center gore with underwire support. Drop cup with one hand buckle for nursing." OMG! This is a nursing bra? For under $30? I am over the moon at this news.

And I have good reason to stock up -- according to One Chic Mama: "LLLI recommends purchasing three nursing bras: one to wear, one for the laundry, and one to have clean and ready in your drawer."

Oh, and since it's Friday and we're talking nursing bras, I'd like to point you to this hilarious post that made me fall in love with MOM 101. Happy weekend everyone!

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