Immodesty abounds in girls' clothing

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Last December, I wrote about the Moms for Modesty movement which was concerned with the over-sexualization of girls' clothing. Unfortunately, they don't seem to have had much of an impact. Consider the case of GapKids. According to this article, they recently carried a string bikini sized to fit a twelve-month-old girl.

Mind you, at twelve months, it is, in my opinion, perfectly acceptable to run around au naturel, potty issues aside. Putting a bikini on, however, draws attention to parts that have no business being noticed at that age. Target, too, offers bikinis for the preschool set. The one pictured here is available in size XS -- a 4 or 5 in little girls' sizes.

As the article notes, there are options. Urban Kidz offers trendy clothing that isn't trashy. From what I saw, the clothing is fashionable while still being reasonable in terms of coverage. On the other hand, uGOgirlz offers T-shirts with smart but not seductive slogans intended to be an alternative to the types of shirts available elsewhere.

Still, these two are the exceptions, not the rule. Are we, as a society, over-sexualizing our children? Or is this just a case of big business pushing a trend no one really wants?

Via the Consumerist

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