Swim suit shopping after three kids

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A couple of days ago i did something I had been putting off for over eight years, I bought a new swimsuit. My last suit was missing some trim, had small tears in the middle and the elastic in the bosom area could no longer contain my top half. My 10 year-old daughter Cassidy, the proud owner of at least four swimsuits, mentioned that since we were venturing out to the pool I might need to wear something more appropriate. Normally I would have made a million excuses about why I couldn't buy a suit: the expense, the many other things I absolutely need to buy, the alignment of the planets. But for some reason the planets must have been sending alternate messages because I agreed with her.

When we entered the swimsuit store and headed toward the back of the store, the part where the sizes run only in double digits, I again felt a twinge of anxiety about the plan. I remembered fondly my days in a size six and how pleasing I felt. But I soldiered on to the bigger racks. Cassidy was a trooper and helped me compile a hefty pile of suits while my youngest, Devon, crawled about under the clothing racks making dinosaur sounds. Then came the challenge of actually donning them and facing the mirror.

Turns out the whole experience wasn't nearly as bad as I had been anticipating. Since I had been realistic about my size when choosing the suits, I didn't have to stuff my bits and pieces into something that simply had no chance of accommodating them. There was the occasional cringe when Cass would holler from one of the racks as she chose another suit for me, "Was that a size 14 or 16, mom?" My final choice was a two piece tank suit with a mini skirt attached to the bottom. It is slightly granny-esque, but the under wire bra and plumeria print make up for that aspect. Plus the mini skirt relieves me of my poochy mommy tummy insecurities and will ensure that I will actually go to the pool with my kids in the light of the day.

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