CDC's veggie woman: artistic or terrifying?

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Need ideas getting your kids to eat more vegetables? You could:

  • Cut cucumbers in creative shapes to make them more appealing (small cookies cutters make it make it a cinch)
  • Hide chopped vegetables in cooked foods (spaghetti sauce or meatloaf are classic) and hope the kids don't notice
  • Make a veggie pizza for snack (Bake the pizza crust available in the tube according to package directions, cool and top with cream cheese and raw vegetables, cover with a generous layer of cheddar cheese)
  • Create a life-sized woman entirely of veggies that your kids will eat out of fear she'll come to life when they're not looking

A reasonable parent would look at the above suggestions and point out that a vegetable woman would be problematic for several reasons, the main one being: it's just plain creepy. Apparently the Center for Disease Control does not have many parents on staff.

Vegetable Woman was on display from January through April of this year at the CDC's new 6.9 million dollar visitor center in Atlanta, apparently as a way to inspire Americans to eat vegetables before they organize into higher life forms and turn against us.

I'm not a marketing expert, but I find Popeye the Sailor Man more motivational than Broccoli Barbie. How about you?

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