Have baby: Will travel...on the road, again

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Well, it's just after 5:00 AM on Saturday and I am ready to get back into action. After a near nervous breakdown trying to reassemble the pack and play and a quick (albeit gigantic) burrito from Chipotle, which totally hit the spot, we went to bed.

I didn't get the shower I had so desired, nor did we have drinks. I'd thought it would be fun to have drinks in the room--meaning A drink--to help wind down from the frazzling first day, but it was too late and I was too tired. After we were all tucked in I couldn't fall asleep. Too many things to think about, I guess, plus everyone in the hotel just happened to be on our floor and returned to their rooms at the top of their lungs.

Then Don couldn't figure out how to get the curtains closed. Clearly the day had bested us so we just gave up and hoped for a better tomorrow. The baby woke up a few times but we were able to get him back down. Luckily the room is HUGE and the staff very accommodating. As I write this I await two eggs over hard and some sourdough toast.

Plus, yesterday when Don went out to get dinner he scoped out all the Starbucks within spittin' distance. This means I'll be kept in iced chais (only 1/2 the pumps though so less sugar and little caffeine) and free wi fi when I need it.

We're off to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this morning, come you-know-what or high water. I am getting the baby a onesie from the gift shop and photographing him in front of something KISS-related or am never leaving Ohio. Actually, to be honest, I kind of really like Ohio. It sort of rocks!

Don is currently making decaf in the mini coffee pot in our room. I mention this only because last night I had to use it to heat up the frozen breast milk for the baby's final meal of the night. Since there was no microwave I thought I'd improvise-and it worked! I thawed the breast milk with warm tap water then rested the bottle of breast milk in the coffee pot (filled with hot water) just long enough to get it to the right temperature. Mercer likes his breast milk medium rare, you know. Just keep that little tip in mind!

Notice how this didn't get posted until after 8:00 AM? That's because we lost wi fi repeatedly until I gave up and just ate breakfast. It was delicious. The baby is wearing a onesie that says, "Don't wake me--I'll wake you." He's ready for action even if we're just half awake.

Also, it appears that the camera and the computer don't speak to each other so I've been trying to download the proper software so I can share some of our great pics. So far no luck. Every time I get about half way through the process I lose Internet access. That said, by tonight I'll be in Louisville where I can download pics much more easily.

I'll leave you with this: last night before dinner Don went to tip the man who helped us with our luggage. This guy had two kids, both daughters, one eighteen and one fourteen. He looked only a few years older than us. Don told me that he found this man in the shuttle wearing headphones and totally checking out to Metallica. He is one of us: I feel OLD. But I also feel pretty good.

That's because the official rule of this trip is that we get to go to Starbucks as many times as I want. Yeah!

Now it's off to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (and Starbucks, although the decaf coffee at the Sheraton is really good--wow!). Keep your fingers crossed they let us in with a stroller (not an umbrella stroller, mind you).The baby is actually cool enough to get in, but I'm not so sure about us!!!

By the way, the baby just barfed all over Daddy's nice new shirt. And we returned our luggage to the car.

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