The Second Time Around: Double Stroller Debacles

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With two months left to go in this pregnancy, it suddenly dawned on me that I would have to get both of kids around somehow. That's right -- two diapered bums, one solitary stroller. Hmm...

So I did what any modern mum would do, I turned to the internet. What's new and exciting in the world of strollers and transport for two these days?

I figure that in the early days, I can get away with wearing the new addition in a sling. After much research and a quick try on with a plastic baby in place of a real one today, (taking into account the colours of spit-up and poop) I settled on the HotSlings in Khaki. You can buy them online, for cheaper than I've seen them in stores, at or in Canada at I can't be bothered to fuss with a million ways to wrap and I've yet to see someone with a ring sling who isn't holding onto her baby uncomfortably, so I think this easy, slip-over-the shoulder option may work for me.

OK, so for a while, I can carry one and push the other. But then what? I think some tandem strollers like the Peg Perego are good, but how do you decide who gets to sit (and therefore see) out front? I've sorta experienced the problems of squeezing a side-by-side duo through doorways of stores and the like when shopping with moms of two -- too stressful for frazzled ol' me.

One-behind-the-other with stadium seating, like the Graco Duo Glider, is one option. This way they can both see out front. But Nate is two and a half and these days does not want to sit, but he eventually tires of walking and agrees to pop himself in his stroller. Getting him in and out might be tough in that case.

I got excited when I learned about the Sit and Stand style strollers. (Here are the top three: Fisher Price, Baby Trend and Joovy) They offer a place for the older child to stand at the back, and also a bench in case he or she gets tired. Plus an infant car seat can click in. However when I went to see one in the flesh today (the Fisher Price) it was apparent to me that I would also need a station wagon or van to take it anywhere.

Parents of two or more, what do you recommend?

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