Elizabeth Hurley in trouble over son's bikini picture

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Elizabeth Hurley has recently come under some severe criticism for posting a picture of her young son, Damien, in a pink bikini on her web site. The outrage at Hurley ranges from her lack of judgment for posting such a personal image to shock that she would do anything that could bring shame to the little boy from his peers. The picture in question shows Hurley's son posed in a bright pink bikini and large, white framed sunglasses during a photo shoot for the model's line of sexy bikinis.

As a mother of a young boy who enjoys his sister's shiny, purple swimsuit as much as he loves his shark print boy trunks, I have to roll my eyes at this one. I seriously doubt that Hurley had any ill intent toward her son when she snapped the picture and then posted it. Young children are delightfully free of societal baggage and happy to wear gender bending outfits whenever it pleases them. Of course Hurley's son receives far more attention simply because his mother is a celebrity and under much more scrutiny that the rest of us, but I believe the outrage is misplaced.

What about you? Any thoughts?

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