The Work at Home Mom beauty regime, an oxymoron?

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A dear blogger friend of mine recently wrote a post on her personal blog about her daily/weekly beauty regime. Her inspiration for the post came from a bikini waxing incident gone awry. As she tenderly hoofed it around her house she rattled off all of her grooming endeavors and wondered if it was really worth it. I read down her list, an impressive but practical list of pruning and primping, and I began to wonder about my own upkeep. I am a Work at Home Mom and often only make it out my front door if I am dropping off or picking up kids from something. As I am gathering up the toddler, hunting for my purse and keys and a pair of matching shoes, I will occasionally hear a voice somewhere in the recesses pf my addled brain, "Duh, don't you know you look awful? Your kids are going to be mortified when you show up in your pajamas, again. You haven't bathed in four days and you have peanut butter smeared on your shirt." Sometimes I listen to that voice and throw on a clean shirt and a hat, other times I see my children putting on a courageous face as I drive up and I know they are praying I'll stay put in the car.

I have long suspected I am not alone in this personal presentation issue. The folks here at ParentDish are mostly a Work from Home crew, so I polled our writers to see if they had the same problems with stumbling to the keyboard to work while putting off hygiene until it either reaches an odoriferous status of emergency proportions or one of their kids has a school play requiring the presence of a clean parent. Some of the results are as follows:
  • A number of our staff showers before we start working, that way we stay somewhat in sync with the rest of society and we don't have to interrupt our work flow later in the day to bathe.
  • One clean item of clothing, usually a pair of pants, seems to be a big boost in morale for a number of our writers.
  • Another staff writer routinely curls her eyelashes and wears lip gloss. Not only does this bit of sparkle make her feel snappy but her UPS guy is rumored to be pretty hot.
  • One member goes the full distance. She finds ironing to be therapeutic and so dons a matching, ironed outfit on most days. This gives her that crisp, soothing line down her pants and the ability to take her boys to the park anytime of day without feeling like she should hide behind a tree from the other moms.
There you have it. As you read through the daily posts you now have a visual on our daily fashion state here at ParentDish. A few of us are runway ready, some of us are a bit fuzzy around the edges and need of some clean pants. It has inspired me to go take a shower and shave my legs.

Do you have a beauty routine? Anything you can't live without as you go through your day?

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