What are the best online decor stores for kids?

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Nolan has outgrown his crib, and though I'm quite sure it will involve a lot of late-night visits to Mom's room (and probably several tumbles on to the hardwood), I've bought him a big-boy toddler bed. It's awesome: dark wood with beautiful slats and a little pull-out drawer for his mountain of bouncy balls and assorted toddler carpenter tools. Best of all, it was wickedly cheap, thank you Costco)

My Mom and I went shopping today for bedding and sundry items for the rest of Nolan's new bedroom. We went to Ikea and, though I like the store for smaller-ticket items, their kids bedding did nothing to me. I want Nolan's room to be cheerful, but not psychedelic. I don't want to be assaulted by fluorescent dragons and shrieking primary colours every time I step into my son's room.

Nolan loves the ocean, and I am imagining a room with dark wood and blue hues, shelves with glasses of sea shells and sand, sailboats adorning the walls. I would love for the room to be liveable and kid-proof, but not garish. I googled "kids room decor" but, I don't know...I might be picky but I can't find anything I like. So I thought I'd turn to the experienced veterans of the Internet. What are some of your favourite online stores for kids bedroom items? I'd love to find stuff that's pleasing to the eye, functional, and somewhat neutral. And, not ridiculously expensive.

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