Elmo doll sings violent lyrics

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Ellie has a cute little Elmo doll that sings the theme song from "Elmo's World". She has played with that doll off and on for about five years and as of yet, it has not started promoting violence. The same cannot be said for the Elmo doll Andrea Barbosa bought for her 18-month-old nephew, Derrick.

The "Sing with Elmo's Greatest Hits" doll is supposed to sing "Shout" by the Beatles, but instead it sings a warped ditty about self-mutilation. According to Barbosa, where Elmo is supposed to sing "Be like Elmo", he instead sings "Beat up Elmo". He goes on to suggest that kids "Rip out your fur."

It sounds pretty funny to me, but little Derrick's mother, Deja Barbosa, isn't laughing. "I played it again and I really couldn't believe I was hearing that," she said. "Who knows how many children have heard this already."

The doll was purchased at a Wal-Mart store in Fort Myers, Florida and was briefly removed from the shelves due to the inappropriate lyrics. Andrea Barbosa is happy that Wal-Mart took action, but is still concerned that other little kids may have been subjected to Elmo's tirade. "I don't want to buy a toy for my nephew that says bad words or that teaches him to say bad things," she said.

The maker of the toy, Fisher Price, claims the lyrics that Elmo is singing likely got distorted after use and asked Barbosa to return the toy. She decided to keep it. Maybe it will show up on e-bay someday?

Elmo, we love you and hope you get the help you need.

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