Simple summertime pleasures

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Summer has just started and the kids have already started their relentless begging to watch television or play video games. Before succumbing to their electronic addictions, how about making a list of forgotten summertime pleasures to enjoy? Most are free and will provide memories that will be cherished long after the Wii has been relegated to the trash pile.

Summertime activities kids should experience at least once before growing up:

  • running through a sprinkler
  • spending a rainy afternoon at the library
  • making mud pies with real mud
  • walking barefoot in the grass and splashing in a puddle
  • picking berries
  • watching a small town parade
  • catching an interesting bug (fireflies, preferably)
  • constructing a fort or hide-out (indoors or out)
  • playing in the rain
  • eating an entire meal outside without using silverware
  • staying up late and look at the stars on a clear night
  • learning the rules to a real card game and playing it with adults

What do you remember doing as a kid you'd like your own child to experience?

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