Boss offers her secretary cash to become a surrogate

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Everyone who has ever had a job has a story of a boss who made an insane request. One lady in California says that her boss made one of the oddest requests I've heard in a long time.

Claire Connelly, a former secretary for a chairwoman on the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board, says that her former boss, Ann Richardson, walked into the office with her request: She wanted a baby (she was 51) and wanted Claire to be the surrogate. She'd also pay Claire $10,000 for the process.

Claire said she'd think it over, even though Ann said she'd have to wait until her term was over so there wouldn't be a conflict of interest. According to Claire, who is a single mom, she decided that the surrogate route wouldn't be a good option and denied. Then, says Claire, that's when things got difficult.

She says Ann began berating her over her job, making things difficult. She brought in her dog, says Claire, and made her walk and clean up after it.

This soon turns into a she said/she said argument over Ann's treatment of Claire and Claire's reasons for leaving the office. She has filed a complaint of sex harassment and retaliation against her former boss.

Man, this makes all those times my former boss asked me to watch his kids seem like...uh...child's play.


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