School House Rock 4th of July video

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Being a kid of the 70's meant you had rubber bands around your bell bottoms to keep them from catching in the bike chain, center parts and plastic barrettes if you were a girl, and if you owned a television: knowing the words to School House Rock cartoons.

These animated shorts were the Flintstone vitamins of television: a special Saturday morning treat of catchy tunes that were good for kids, teaching parts of speech (conjunction junction what's your function?), history (They were sufferin' for suffrage!), government (I'm just a bill!), as well as a lot of math (Three is a magic number! My hero's zero!). The entire series is available (and on sale!) on Amazon. I bought my copy last year and have loaned it to teachers on several occasions, leading me to believe it would be a useful teacher gift.

Here's the School House Rock explanation on why neighborhood idiots will be lighting the explosives that will terrify your sleeping kids around 2 a.m.

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