Al Gore III in trouble for speeding and drugs

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It must be hard to be the child of a public person. Not only does everybody know who your parent is, you likely feel the pressure to live up to that image. And if you are not able to follow in the footsteps of your famous parent, many people know. In the case of former Vice President Al Gore's son, Al Gore III, the whole world knows about his mistakes.

Recently the young Gore was arrested for speeding in his Toyota Prius and possessing prescription drugs without the prescriptions. Gore, age 24, also admitted to smoking marijuana prior to his speedy drive. He is reportedly set to attend a treatment program for his latest brush with the law.

Gore's arrest does not come at a good time for his high profile family. Gore Senior is getting ready to host a huge international concert to bring awareness to global warming. But while Gore III's legal difficulties are troublesome, at least he takes some of his father's advice and drives the eco-friendly Toyota Prius.

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