The truth about the pool pee-tracker

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It's my firm belief that everybody has peed in a pool. I think that if:
a) you were ever a child and
b) you have entered a public pool more than three times in your childhood that
you have indeed peed in a pool.

Am I wrong?

I was thinking about this as Nolan stood buck naked in the scorching sun yesterday afternoon, looking with awe as he peed without shame in the pool. Just as shamelessly, I continued to stand beside him, immersing my feet into the cool blue. I was brought back to being 6, at my friend Lisa's above-ground chlorinated pool. I thought it was the most luxurious delight in the world.
"Don't pee in the pool!" I remember her brother saying,"It'll turn red and everyone will know!" And so I dutifully held it, running into the bathroom in dripping swim garb to use the facilities when neccessary.

At dinner tonight, my brother and I were talking about the red pee-combattant potion.
"Do you remember hearing about that stuff?" I asked.
"Everyone heard about that stuff," he replied,"It was an eighties and nineties scare tactic for kids."

So when I got home I googled "peeing in the pool turn red?" Google turned up over a million results. Awesome.

The most concrete result came from Snopes, the reliable Urgend Myth page. It declares that the Red Pee Compound of Shame does not (and has never) existed. But we don't have to tell our kids that, especially if we want to use the same pool as them.

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