4-year-old calls 911 nearly 300 times in June

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I'm always worried about letting my kid play with my cell phone -- because I know that, sooner or later, she's bound to call a number I'd rather she didn't.

Like 911 for instance. That's the number a 4-year-old girl from suburban Chicago called 287 times in June -- sometimes up to 20 times in a single shift -- before authorities could track her down. Because the girl was using a deactivated cell phone, dispatchers could only track the phone's signal to her apartment complex, but couldn't tell exactly which unit it was coming from.

Finally, they convinced the girl to give up her address by pretending to be a delivery service, and offering to bring her McDonald's. She agreed, and the dispatchers sent police by the apartment, who alerted the girl's mother to situation.

She promptly took the phone away -- hopefully for good.

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