5-year-old boy saves kids from rabid fox

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Rabid foxes just aren't what they used to be. There was a time when only the biggest and bravest man could take down a fox that was threatening other humans. Not any more. Mothers and children are rising up and putting the crazy little guys in their place. First, there was this mom who bravely tackled a fox before it could seriously injure her children. And now we have a five year boy who did the same thing when a rabid fox threatened him and six other children at a family cookout in Kingstown, North Carolina.

Rayshun McDowell says he was just trying to protect his little brother when he pinned the fox by its neck and held it for more than a minute until his stepfather could come to his assistance. The stepfather, Ryan Thompson, is no wimp either. He was in the house when he saw McDowell struggling to hold the fox down. His broken leg in a cast,Thompson hobbled out and pulled the animal off of his stepson while a neighbor fired a handgun to scare it off. When the fox continued to advance, Thompson used his crutch and a stick to beat the fox to death. End of fox.

The fox tested positive for rabies and McDowell is undergoing treatment. McDowell's mom, of course, is freaked. "I couldn't believe he would do something like that. He was so brave, and I was a wreck," she said.
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