Brain surgery to help young friend with dystonia

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My 14 year-old son and his merry group of friends are among some of my most favorite people in the world. They are bumbling, sometimes awkward young men, but they are also full of life and excitement for the future. One of the boys, Paul, is one of the bravest young souls i have ever encountered. Not only is he witty, polite and good company but he is a true friend. Unfortunately for Paul his young years have been hindered by the degenerative disease known as dystonia.

Paul's life began to change when he was about 8 years-old. Until then he was very active and played soccer, went skiing and ran around with his pack of buddies. However, once the dystonia began to take a grip on his leg muscles, Paul was unable to do the physical activities that his friends did. Paul and his family have been seeking medical solutions for his problems, but nothing has been effective. So this summer the family left Colorado and headed to Wisconsin where Paul will undergo a 6-10 hour long stint of brain surgery in an attempt to return his freedom of movement.

Paul's surgery is no guarantee that he will again be able to walk and run with his friends, but it is the best chance he has got. The family has a website to track their journey through this monumental undertaking, there are excerpts from Paul's mother and a short post from Paul describing how and when his life changed from this disease. It is a beautiful piece written by a lovely, brave soul.


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