It's Easy Being Green: playhouses with a conscience

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As you may or may not know, I'm on a mission to make smarter choices with my purchasing power. We are really trying not to buy yet another toy that will never biodegrade because it's made with toxic plastics.

I'm currently looking for playhouses for Nate. He's the perfect age for this type of play and I'm looking to spark his imagination a bit. With a bit of research, I've decided that a recycled cardboard playhouse is the way to go. But before you balk at cardboard, with your memories of your crappy Strawberry Shortcake dollhouse falling apart (maybe that was just me) keep in mind that modern cardboards are made incredibly dense and withstand quite a bit of toddler/preschooler action.

I saw a link to this playhouse at ModernMini from my Daily Candy Kids newsletter. 100% recycled cardboard, it's also 100% biodegradable. Best of all, it's 100% colourable for that budding interior decorator in your home. The downside is that it's not big enough to fit more than your kids' toys inside. More dollhouse than playhouse, despite what the name says.

This adorable cardboard house from Sparkability in Portland, Maine, really tickles my fancy. Though I'm guessing chlorine bleach was used to make the recycled cardboard white again, it will actually fit a child.

If you live in Europe, you have struck the motherload. In my Google quest I came across countless UK sites that sold this type of product. This house folds down easily for storage and has cute windows to let light in. (I coulda used a skylight though.) Or how about taking off in this awesome rocket?

Now if only these boxes would come with a new eco-fridge inside for Mommy...

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