Making the decision to homeschool

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The other night, as my husband and I lay in bed, we were discussing our future and the future of our children. One of the issues that came up was school. We had both agreed awhile ago that we didn't feel comfortable with public schools at the present moment, mainly due to standardized testing and the pressures put on it.

My husband looked at me and said "maybe we should homeschool."

Standardized tests are not the only reason we're shying away from public schools, though I don't feel the need to go into the rest here. The schools in my area are "good" and "safe," as people on message boards always say. And, yes, they are.

But I don't think they're right for our own personal parenting philosophy.

The other alternative, private schooling, is quite the expensive one. I don't have between ten to twenty thousand dollars per child per year to spend on private schools. Even if the schools offer scholarships, I wouldn't want my kids to feel like the odd man out in a school where paying $40k for your kids' education is norm.

Making the decision to homeschool is like standing on the edge of a cliff with a bungee cord around your ankle. Yes, you want to make that jump, but isn't it so much easier (and safer) to keep standing on the cliff? That jump seems pretty drastic.

Part of me is thrilled at the prospect of giving my children the education I want for them to get. I found a homeschool co-op here, so they can have interaction with other kids and adults. Also, I'm more than happy to have someone else teach them math and science! My son will most likely play a sport (he is very interested in all sports, even at the age of one) and my daughter seems very musically inclined. The co-op offers violin and piano lessons, so there's something there for her.

It is just taking that jump that seems so scary. I know I can do it; it is just getting my feet off the ground that is the hard part.

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