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For many in the Northern Hemisphere, summer is in full swing. If you're also pregnant, you might be realizing that the clothes you've been hanging around in recently are starting to feel a bit warm.

If you're going to go buy new clothes for maternity shopping, I suggest looking for things on sale that are comfortable and that you can mix and match. Because, seriously, once that final month comes along, you're going to hate everything you own.

I think a bermuda short is a great thing to have in the summer. I know that some women really hate them, but come on, sometimes it is time to put down the short shorts and have something a little longer. These could also be dressed up for the office if your boss is down with that.

If your work environment requires something a bit more formal, you can't go wrong with black pants paired with any of the shirts (not the tanks, though) mentioned in previous posts.

If you happen to be one of the lucky ones that lives in an area where you can wear jeans in the summer, you might want to check out a pair of cute boot cut jeans. I prefer a dark wash-- they seem a bit more dressier, which is nice when you're down to the final few outfits that still fit.

Let's admit it: Being pregnant in the summer isn't always fun, especially if you're nearing the end. I'm a sucker for comfy pants, even more so when I'm carrying another human being in my belly. You can get some pretty comfy looking "yoga pants" at Old Navy (they're on sale, too) for those days where comfort is queen. I love the gray ones, though I have to admit that I'm a sucker for the cute pink bottoms as well.


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