Detachable playhouse for children of divorce

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My daughter has never lived in a house with both of her birth parents. Her mother and I have been separated since before she was born, so she's always lived in two houses -- one with her mom and her stepdad, and one with my fiance and I.

But because the idea (however inaccurate) that every household is comprised solely of children plus their "mommy and daddy" is so commonplace, she always imagines a traditional two-parent family in all of her make-believe stories and games -- instead of recreating her own experience.

Eventually she'll realize that her family is different from what's "normal" -- by which time, she'll be so used to her arrangement, that I'm hoping she won't care. However, I imagine it's a different story for kids who spend the first part of their childhood with both of their parents, only to watch them grow apart, and divorce.

That's why I'm so interested in this detachable playhouse. While most toy makers pretend that divorce doesn't exist, this toy allows kids to work though the often complicated new domestic dynamic -- without judgment. One house becomes two, and nobody has be wrong, or take the blame -- there's even a way to configure it so there's a separate house for mom or dad's new partner.

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