The dangers of pool drains

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It's that time of year when parents fret about the dangers of swimming pools. By now we are all aware that seconds away from children near a pool can lead to tragedy. But did you know about the hidden danger at the bottom of the pool?

When Abigail Taylor, 6, from Minneapolis, MN put her bum near the pool drain, she probably was enjoying the suction action. I mean who doesn't remember a summer of the sucks and hard pushes of the pool's filter system? But things progressed to beyond horrific as the power of the drain (which didn't have a cover on it) sucked part of her small intestines out of her behind. According to her parents, little Abigail could not free herself due to the force and was on the drain for some time.

Experts say adding a second drain to a pool can distribute its suction powers more evenly, thereby decreasing the chance of something like this happening. Homeowners should have their pools inspected annually by a reputable company for optimum safety.

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