Gift guide by the ages: 2-years-old

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Birthdays. Everybody has one. They also have holidays and all sorts of special occasions where it seems a gift is needed. If you're anything like me, it is easy to get overwhelmed and just want to run out and get a gift card. While I certainly like to get the gift of a gift card, I prefer to give something tangible.

That's why I started thinking about good gifts to give by ages.

Two-year-olds are an interesting bunch. They're no longer "babies" but aren't exactly ready for some of the big kid toys. That means sometimes a kid is going to get a present that is far above or below his age-range.

I'm a huge fan of these Melissa and Doug wooden puzzles. We have one, my daughter's school has some and the local library has some. So, basically, if you don't have any, where's not coming to your house. Or, at least warn me so I can bring my own.

Sidewalk chalk. Head down to the craft store and you can get a big bucket for a few dollars. Perfect for little hands and hours spent outside, drawing pictures and scribbling here and there.

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