Kevin Bacon sings the praises of Eco-friendly cloth diapers

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Yesterday I was without my kids for the day, a state that always leaves me a bit unsure as to how exactly I am supposed to spend my time. After yard work and trolling the Internet I sat down and watched some of Al Gore's Life Earth concert coverage. The energy from the performers was absolutely amazing and the factoids with voice overs from Whoopie Goldberg offered some great tips on how to save energy. There were also quick interviews with various celebrities about how they and their families attempt to make our earth a greener place.

One such interview featured a discussion with Kevin Bacon. When asked if he was raising his kids to be Eco conscious, Bacon replied that yes indeed he was. He recalled changing his son's cloth diapers in public locations and how it just wasn't the accepted norm at that time, which was 18 years ago. His point being that he and his wife have been living green for far more than it has been fashionable and that their kids are carrying that torch with them.

When I heard the interview I had to chuckle a bit. Since Bacon is a celebrity and his every comment is food for gossip fodder, it is quite likely he will get slapped by the age old argument about whether or not cloth diapers truly are earth friendly. My hat is off to Kevin Bacon and his family. I have read articles in which he has detailed the numerous ways his household tries to minimize their footprint on the earth. Whether or not cloth diapers truly are Eco-friendly or not, Bacon is making an effort and that makes such a difference.

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