Students stick it to "the man," keep feeding homeless

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As a parent, I'm always hoping that I'm setting an example so that my children will be compassionate towards others. I've been known from time to time to go into a store or restaurant to buy food for a homeless person on the street and I hope my kids will one day do the same.

So, when a group of students from the Philadelphia area fed the homeless, you'd think people would be proud that they were being compassionate towards others.

But...not quite. Recently, the city's new managing director told the kids to stop feeding the homeless, explaining that it does them no good to be handed food without further resources. While jobs and a place to sleep are important, so is eating.

You can't make someone get the help if they don't want it.

Currently, the kids have ignored the managing director and have continued to feed the homeless, even having a little fun in doing so. While it isn't always the best to let your kids disobey the rules, it is good to know that these kids are doing it with big hearts and good intentions.

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