Taiwan cancels speed-eating contest for kids

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If you're looking for a place to enroll your kindergarten-aged child in a speed-eating contest, I highly suggest you don't look to Taiwan. Officials in Taipei have announced that it wasn't the best idea to invite elementary school-aged children to a contest to scarf down bowls of pork rice.

Wow, you think?

The contest originally had four categories: kindergarten, elementary school, adults and foreigners. I love how the foreigners (Read: Big Mac Eating Americans) have their own category.

The original contest had the children eating the bowl of rice in three minutes with the child eating the fastest winning the contest. Children are now invited to taste the rice and then either write or draw a picture regarding their thoughts on said rice.

How do you say "boring" in Mandarin?

And what, exactly, were the reasons for stopping the rice eating contest?

"It's not right to use kids for publicity in this manner," said an official. "They could choke. Children should always be taught to chew carefully. Encouraging them to bolt food down for a prize is irresponsible."

"Scoffing down such a greasy dish could result in indigestion and vomiting."

Yeah...it is also, ahem, unhealthy.


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