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About 2 years ago, my mother-in-law bought Ellie a subscription to Highlights Magazine. This is the same magazine I read as a child and it hasn't changed much. Ellie loves looking at the crazy covers and reading the stories, but her excitement at receiving a new issue in the mail has diminished somewhat. I think she has grown bored with Highlights. She also has a subscription to Disney Princess Magazine. Although she has long since outgrown her fascination with all things princess, she still gets the magazine mostly because I can't get Scholastic to stop sending it to us.

I know there are lots of other options for kid-friendly magazines and lately I've been trying to choose a new one that's appropriate for a 7-year-old. I am sure she would love to get one of those celebrity-focused mags in the mail, but I'm not going there. I am looking for something a bit more educational and informative, but still fun. I found several that look good, such as Zoobooks and National Geographic Kids, but am fishing for some advice here.

Do your kids read magazines? Do you know of any hidden gems out there in the world of children's magazines?

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