Creatively announcing a pregnancy

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When you are ready to announce your pregnancy with family members there are lots of creative ways share the good news. You could:

  • Take both sets of parents out to dinner and spill it over a fancy meal
  • Serve a baby themed meal (applesauce, oatmeal, teething biscuits) in tiny bowls and see if they figure it out before accusing you of having lost your mind
  • Wrap up a baby item for the future grandparents to open
  • Hand out copies of the ultrasound picture
  • Send out "Save the Date" cards with your due date and tell people when they ask what's the big deal about that date

Or, if your family has a good sense of humor (and healthy hearts!) you could borrow an idea from Nicole, founder of The Soccer Mom Vote and author of Sitting Still. She took a picture of family members a split second after hearing her say, "Hey! We're pregnant!" The look of amazement on her mom's face along with the accusatory/teasing pointing of her mother-in-law makes this shot a priceless addition to the upcoming baby's photo album.

I can't remember how I told people I was pregnant, which is kind of sad because for a while it seemed to be an annual event. However, I do recall sharing pregnancy #3 with my husband by having a hormonal crying fit and apologizing for messing up our finances while he was paying bills. (Nicole's approach would have been better.)

Where you creative when spilling the beans about your baby?

Congratulations to Nicole and her entire family!

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