Fun family activity: Making peanut butter!

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When it comes to food, I'm known around my parts as a gal who likes to keep things simple. I'm also a gal who likes to bake. Putting these two together, I've found myself in the kitchen, slaving over a variety of different "do it yourself" foods and baked goods.

Some have turned out well while others...uh, not so much.

I have found an activity that is fun, tasty and good for the whole family to get involved: homemade peanut butter!

Here's what you do: Either buy peanuts that are shelled or still in the shell. If needed, remove the shells. My almost 3-year-old had a blast helping me remove the shells, especially since I let her eat from her own bowl (not mine). Also, just to state the obvious, if you have a peanut allergy in the house, don't do this activity.

Place the peanuts in either a food processor or blender. Add in a bit of oil and blend. If it isn't getting creamy enough, add in some more. Keep repeating until you get the right consistency. Then, add in a bit of salt (to taste) and, if you want, some sugar or honey.

I have to admit, after trying this, we will never get store bought peanut butter again!


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