Girl drowns after being overcome by boat exhaust

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Much to my husband's regret, we do not own a boat. But many of our friends do and we hope to take advantage of their generosity this week when we all head up to the lake for some family fun. We made this trip last year and we all had fun boating and swimming together in the lake. We are very careful to make sure Ellie is coated in sunscreen and wearing a life jacket. However, after reading this heartbreaking story, I realize there are other important precautions to take.

Last weekend, Kayleen Tubbs and Megan Evans, both seven, were swimming alongside two 30-foot cabin cruisers on the shoreline of Lake Powell in Utah. Kayleen's mother was taking a shower using the hot water from the boat motor when she noticed her daughter appeared to be unconscious in the water. She rescued Kayleen, but Megan was later found on the lake bottom. According to National Park Service authorities, the girls suffered poisoning from carbon monoxide , which can collect near the swim platforms of some boats. Kayleen recovered after oxygen treatments, but unfortunately Megan died.

What happened to these girls is a risk I never even considered. I suspect others who are not regular boaters will be shocked by this as well and that is why I am sharing this story. My heart aches for Megan's family and I will heed the lesson they learned the hard way.

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