Mother guilty of bigamy in same-sex partnership

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In 2005, Britain passed the Civil Partnerships Act, which allows same-sex couples to marry. While this law may have forever changed marriage in Britain, it does not change the fact that you are still only allowed to be married to one person at a time.

29 year old Suzanne Mitchell found this out the hard way. A mother of three, she is the first to be convicted of bigamy under the Act because she entered into a civil union with another women without first divorcing her husband Charles, to whom she had been married for seven years.

In a May interview, Mitchell claims that she doesn't really know why she did it. She goes on to give more details than you probably want to hear about how her relationship began with Caroline Beddows, a 24-year-old secretary she met at a bus stop. "I didn't think it was a proper marriage. I thought it was just a blessing to show that I was committed to her. I knew I was still married to Charles. I just feel very angry that I ever got involved with her. It was an empty relationship," Mitchell says.

Mitchell's lawyer, Michael Brogan, says she has since returned to her husband and that her union with Beddows "has effectively fallen apart."

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