Tori Spelling is a minister

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Online trained and newly ordained minister Tori Spelling performed her first wedding ceremony on the front steps of her bed and breakfast. According to Reverend Tori "there wasn't a dry eye in the driveway."

The former 90210 star, who gave birth to son Liam in March, found the ceremony so moving, she sat down and shared her deepest and most intimate thoughts on love and relationships with the infant. Then she ran to the computer and typed them up for everyone on her myspace page.

"As I put Liam down to bed that evening I told him that he will one day find true love. A love that unites him as one with his soulmate. He will be raised knowing that true love is the ultimate and pure love know no age, gender, or race. I've found it, Tony and Dex have found it, and I wish love to all that seek it. Don't ever let anyone tell you who to Love. Only our hearts can dictate that. "

Letting no one but your heart dictate who to love sounds lovely and noble until recalling that Tori's recent history involves dumping a husband of barely a year to hook up with current spouse (and Liam's father) Dean McDermott, who at the time was the married father of two.

Then it just sounds like weak justification for bad behavior that will take more than some cyber minister courses to undo.

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