Why is there sand in my panties?

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The year span in between my kids is pretty big. There are four years between my oldest and middle kids and over eleven years between my oldest and my almost 3 year-old, Devon. With so many years, I often forget the milestones that set apart the ages. One aspect of the approaching three years stage that I had willingly forgotten is what I call the Sand Factor. Simply put, sand is everywhere at this stage. And I do mean everywhere.

When not in preschool, Devon spends a majority of his time outside in one of his two sandboxes. His preferred state of sandbox play is nudity. He has the prerequisite collection of Tonka truck diggers and sand scoopers that he uses to pour his sand everywhere. One of his favorite activities is to scoop the sand into his hair and watch it cascade down on to his tummy. Another favorite is to dive on to a pile of sand and then burrow as many of his parts as possible into the granules.

As a result of all this sand play there are grainy residues left in crevice every area of our house. When I sit on the couch I find bits of sand under my rump. There is a nightly layer of sand in the bath tub after Devon's bath. When I go to get dressed I find sand in my socks, behind my ears and, yes, even in my panties. I love watching the exuberance of Devon as he plays in his sandboxes but I do look forward to the day when I don't find the results in my undergarments.

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