Crass t-shirts for your newborn

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OK, I'll admit it. I have a juvenile sense of humor. My daughter is going though a stage where she makes random, nonsensical poop and fart jokes -- and I think it's hysterical. Plus, I laugh at inappropriate and excessive cursing (by grown-ups), and occasionally think sex jokes are funny. Inside, I'm still 13.

Unfortunately, 'cause my kid spent the majority of her infancy living abroad with her mom, I didn't get the chance to dress her in all the mildly offensive onesies I'd been dreaming about before she was born. Now that my daughter is 3, and speaks in paragraphs, it no longer seems appropriate. But there's something that's absolutely hysterical about reading grown-up phrases plastered across the chests of babies who can't talk.

So, fair warning, the rest of the t-shirts in this post on Yadogg are even less-tasteful than this one pictured at right -- but your inner-adolescent might get a chuckle out of it.

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