Mamaloo's amazing birth story

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If you don't read Momcast, you might recall Susan Wagner writing about ParentDish reader and frequent commenter Mamaloo live-blogging her birth.

On a slow day at the office, I decided to check back in and find out what happened. Lo and behold, a riveting birth story to get me freaked out psyched up about my own impending birth story. Mamaloo is a brave, unabashed mama, who has posted several photos (in some less-than-flattering positions) of her home birth, with a good sense of humour. Interestingly, her midwife didn't want her to have a home birth, but she stuck to her guns and got the birth story she fought so hard to get. This is inspiring for me.

I had always thought that if my circumstances were different, (I had an emergency c-section with my first) I might have opted for a drug-free home-birth this time around. Women have been doing it for centuries, I told myself. But when I read this post, I got about halfway through and I immediately changed my mind. Just her descriptions of the pain made it clear to me that this was not the sort of thing a wimp like me could handle.

Then, as her story progressed, the talk of pain was far less and I became engrossed in what was happening in her body. Which, I suppose, is what real vaginal birth is often like. The hard part is in the middle and then everything progresses rapidly and before you know it you've given birth to a head, then shoulders and then a whole human being. And just look how happy and alert she is shortly after!

Hmmm... maybe I could do it after all... GULP... maybe not.

Congrats to Mamaloo on the birth of little Spencer. It's so wonderful that you were able to share this experience with your mother, husband and son, but also with us too.

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