Simple summer fun with vinegar and baking soda volcanoes

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Yesterday my two boy, ages 14 and almost 3, were kicking about the house and nagging me while I was trying to work. We have rid out home of the cable television, they had already read books and the older one has lost his computer privileges for the week. I wanted to scream at them both to just go away once and for all when I remembered a little trick I keep up my sleeve for occasions just like this. When I mentioned the possibility of a vinegar and baking soda volcano to the teen, his eyes lit up and he let out a yelp refreshingly un-teen like.

After collecting the supplies, a gallon of basic vinegar and a 12 pound bag of baking soda, the boys marched out to the sandbox and I didn't hear from them again for almost an hour. I peeked out my window from time to time to see them mounding sand into a mountain and jumping up and down. Their shouts of glee made me want to abandon my keyboard and join in the fun. They must have run out of supplies at one point because then I spied them kicking a soccer ball and playing chase. When the two finally came inside, they ran into my office to regale me with tails of molten lava and the biggest volcano ever.

The simplicity of a vinegar and baking soda volcano is timeless, children tall and small get a kick out of watching the foam bubble over an edge as it froths and bubbles. We use a simple recipe consisting only of vinegar and baking soda in proportions that suit us, but there are many variations on the theme.

How about you? Is this something you do in your home? Or do you have another trick to keep the kids busy?

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