What the heck do you do with a teen in the summer?

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It used to be that I planned out every summer week down to the hour as to how my kids would spend their days. Their were sports camps, academic camps, some day sitters, music camps, etc. Nearly every minute of their almost three months of freedom was planned. But then I quit my decent paying job to stay home with my offspring and now the older two each have just one or two week long summer camps. It is all well and good but sometimes I wonder what am I supposed to do with them all summer, especially the teen ager. We can't bond all day every day. Nor can they watch television or play on their computers all day.

In Colorado, where we live, the minimum work age is 14. When summer started my oldest, Loren, was still 13 and unable to legally work anywhere. Now we are nearly half way into June and on some days I regret not helping him line up a job for when he became legal to work. Some days I wonder how I can handle his hormonal teen energy and his constant need to move and make noise.

In all fairness to my kids, we are actually having a really great, if not jam packed summer. My oldest son is participating in film production internship a couple of days per week. My middle child has numerous play dates. The almost three year-old has three half days of preschool until the end of July. Some weeks it seems like a lot of plans and other it feels like not nearly enough. I sometimes yearn for the days of back to back camps rather than this taxi mom existence I have acquired, but for the most part I love seeing my kids more often than not.

What do you do with your teen in the summer?

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