Back to school awesomeness: Darth Vader backpack

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If you're thinking of getting your son or daughter some lame old Eddie Bauer backpack or glitzy Trapper Keeper like all the other kids -- think again. Why would let your child carry something so bland when he or she could, in fact, be the coolest kid ever to set foot in their respective middle or high school?

Introducing the Star Wars Darth Vader Back Buddy. The product isn't available yet, but starting in August, your child can "have the power of the Dark Side on [their] back at all times!"

Best of all, it's only $19.99!

I know this entire post sounds like a sales pitch, but I swear I'm not secretly working for the uber-geeks that created this truly awesome piece of back-to-school gear. Honestly, I think your kid would probably get made fun of for carrying such a conspicuously silly backpack from class to class.

That said, it might be worth the ridicule.

[via Neatorama]


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