Beckhams get sexy in W magazine

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For kids of any age, a stick in the eye is a better option than to catch your parents doing........."it". So in spite of the the wealth and opportunities the Beckham boys have been born into, you have to pity those little dudes when the August issue of W magazine comes out.

Inside the glossy is page after page of their soccer star dad, David, tan and toned in various stages of what looks like the-special-hug-grownups-sometimes-give-each-other-when-they-are-alone with their mother, Victoria. In some of the pictures the pair takes turns polishing the hood of a car with their butts; in others they appear to be making the bed together using only their stomachs.

There's no doubt Posh and Becks have amazing bodies. They also have kids ages 7, 5 and 2. Is it really necessary to have demonstrations of how those children came to be performed in front of cameras and made available on newsstands?

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