Dating class offered at South Dakota college

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In a month or so, you'll be sending your son or daughter off to college, where they'll hanging out with a host of new people -- some just friends, others...more than that.

But, in spite of what's undoubtedly been a valiant effort up to this point in their dating careers, not every high school graduate is adept at the fine art of building a romantic relationship. Subsequently, the University of Sioux Falls in South Dakota has decided to offer their students a little guidance, in the form of "Finding Dates Worth Keeping" -- a new one-credit dating course that began last semester.

Sure, some might say it's a "blow off course" (and, to be honest, I bet they're right), but Finding Dates Worth Keeping is taught by an honest-to-goodness relationships counselor and licensed therapist who's been married for 28 years.

So if your son or daughter needs a little advice on how to approach that hot girl in Chem 101 extra credit, Finding Dates Worth Keeping is the class for them!


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