Too many girls have my son's cell phone number

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About a month ago I upgraded our family cell phone plan to include a line for my two oldest children, ages 14 and 10. Unleashing kids, especially a teen, with cell phones is always a risk and one I have not taken lightly. We have already had some issues with the phone. My kids don't care for having to share it but they are working through that one. Then I sent the new phone through the washing machine. Now the problem is the number of calls my kids receive, or specifically the number of calls my teen son receives.

When we first got the phones we had an agreement that they would be used for outside the house only. No out of network phone calls would be received during the day or at home when we can use the land line. After 7 p.m. and on the weekends we agreed to loosen the restrictions since those are free minutes. All was going well until the other day when I noticed a certain Charles Gnarly song playing over and over and over. It became such an annoyance that I tracked it down only to find my teenage son with the phone glued to his ear. That is when I realized that every single one of those calls had been for him. Visions of huge cell phone bills danced in my head.

In the last few weeks my son has befriended a number of girls who will be attending the same high school next year. While I appreciate the fact that he is already making friends at his new school I don't want a huge cell phone bill. After reviewing the online bill I determined that he racked up over 400 minutes in a mere five days, and that was all day time minutes. I held out my hand and he willingly relinquished the phone. The cell phone now lives in my office where it peacefully sleeps all day until 7 p.m. Now the girls call the land line but at least that is free.


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