Career advice: Top twelve everlasting careers

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The other day, Rachel told me that she plans on discouraging Jared and Sara from becoming teachers. This has more to do with her own current dissatisfaction with her job, rather than any objective criteria. Actually, she loves teaching, it's the way teachers are treated and respected (or, rather, not respected) in our society that is the problem. That aside, teaching might not be such a bad career choice. CareerBuilder.Com has released a list of twelve everlasting careers. Teacher is number two.

If you're looking to offer your kids advice on their career paths, you might want to consider this list. There's not as much need for farriers as there once was; instead we have auto mechanics. Even they, however, may someday fade into history. CareerBuilder's twelve, however, are almost certainly going to be in demand for a very long time.

They're not all choices I would recommend to my kids, but they're a start. Jared has already told me he wants to be a doctor -- and that's number one on the list.


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