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We are taking a little road trip this weekend and there will be no throwing up. Well, that is my fervent hope anyway. Last time we traveled up into the mountains, Ellie threw up all over the DVD player. The time before that, the dog threw up all over herself. This time, we have a plan. Ellie gets Dramamine and Daisy gets to ride outside of her crate when we get up to where the roads are really winding and steep. Letting the dog ride on my husband's lap will work, right? If you have a better idea, please share.

Because of Ellie's tendency to get car sick, I am going to discourage her from watching movies on the DVD player. This will leave her bored, but hopefully vomit-free. When I was a child, I had siblings to fight with and that kept us all occupied on long car trips. Ellie has just my husband and myself and I am trying to come up with some car activities to keep her busy.

Slug Bug and the License Plate Game are the only two I remember as a child. Slug bug is lame - you see a Volkswagen Beetle, you say "slug bug" and punch someone in the arm. The license plate game is better. We play it where you find the alphabet from A to Z on the license plates of other cars on the road. Considering most of the drive is on a two lane highway, we will be looking at the back end of the same car for much of the trip, so that game will get old fast.

Do you some really cool and fun, non-vomit-inducing games you play in the car on road trips?

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